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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello !
It's been long enough I have updates my blog!
Here I go..
Hmm, Finished my Corsework for my CPA liao ! Happy !
Happy 2Months with my Baby Dearest !
Everythings gonna be fine alrights !
Just be a good man you need to be. Thats all you need to do !
Than you're loved by me ! (Thats , of COURSE!)
I shall end here.
Need to do work le !
Updates coming soon!


Posted @ [8:19 PM]

Saturday, February 13, 2010
Chinese New Year !

Hello guys !
Get home leave for CNY.
But i think i might be confine !
Cause i did something wrong? (hais)
Hope it end fast !
Hope everybody would enjoy their CNY !
Gotta go ! Seeya !

Posted @ [2:25 AM]

Friday, January 1, 2010
Happy New Yea Guys!

Nothing much actually!
Do some cleaning at Hostel.
Than went out at 2.10pm
Waiting WeiTing with XinRu & XinYi.
After XinYi take her things,
We went Geylang East (:
After that XinYi went back to Hostel for some programmes.
So i wanted to go TM to find Sandra.
Reach TM i took 31 come back home cause my phone is dead. LOL.
Waited for Sandra downstair. (:
Than went home together.
Well,never went for countdown,cause i can't. Zzz
Anyway, Happy New Year Guys!
It's a new start manxzxsxz!

Posted @ [5:30 AM]

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's CHRISTMAS Eve! oooooo!
Didn't went much place yesterday (:
Woke up at 10am.
Slack until 1plus.
Go bath,than wanted to find Sandra.
But Phung text me & say her phone lost lei! SAD!
Than specially went to ah ma house find her.
Phew! I found her. hahas.
Than she went to buy new card for her phone.
After that headed back to MP put things , meet Phung , Shawn & Lena after that.
Go coffeeshop eat (:
Than i saw my MUMMY! HoHoHo!
We went straight to Parkway after eating!
After Parkway we went to HOP to play pool.
Sandra & I foot hurts! Hais!
Than headed back HOME!


Posted @ [9:34 AM]

Saturday, December 19, 2009
Bad saturday!

Today was cleaning at hostel.
All about fish. haha.
Than went up library to help Jovina & Jerlin to arrange their Office. ;x
Asked Laopa for Sandra to go back.
But at last she go back le. Great.
About 1.30pm Sandra & I went home. (:
She went to her ahma house & i stayed at home until my mother come back & I went to cut my hair!
Ohmy. I cut BANGSSSSS! SO UGLY! ): hais!
Than went PS with Gabriel,Jonas,WeeKok,Gwen,Sandra & I.
Walkwalk awhile & went Home! ;D
Awaiting for CHRISTMAS! & PRESENTS!!!!!!


Posted @ [11:09 PM]

Saturday, December 12, 2009
th bad saturday !

Today went out.
Sandra was caught by Peipei about her phone
& she was confined! ):
How i wish my boss were out with me & her sweetheart.
But unfortunally, it's a sad story.
Went to find Phung to pass him Sandra's Love Letter to Phung.
& Shawn was at his house waiting for Phung to wake up.
I went out to find friends.
They went somewhere else i guess.
After that meet Shawn,Phung,WeeKok,Gwen for movie.
We watch The Storm Warrior 2.
Not a bad show but Phung was sleeping halfway through.
Gwen asked me to call him wake up when its ENDING! Oh my.
Than we watched finish we all went back home.

Sandra Boss, I believe you & Phung will last. & don't think otherwise okay. Don't worry. I'm not that kind. Although you're not out here with Phung. It's my responsiblity to help you takecare of Phung for you as a secretary to you. So don't worry much. Have faith in yourself & him. I believe his heart will only have you although he always text girls all that. But those girls including me cannot take your place that how Phung LOVES you. I know you're sad, I'm sad too without my boss. I feel uncomfortable without my boss. Maybe we stay together long. But i believe that we will have a good friendship & you both will last till th very END. I may not be a very close or good friend to you. But i know you're so kind & helpful towards everybody. Thanks for that. If you want to say anything to me just say okay. I won't mind de. Cause i want to change my mistake yeah. Hope you rest well & meet Phung every where. ;D I love you always & will be there to support you no matter what you do okay. Tell me if you have any problems. Don't keep it. I may not give advise, but i may be your very good listening ears. Goodnights! See you tomorrow!


Posted @ [9:12 AM]

Monday, December 7, 2009
Th Monday!

Today wake up at 9am.
Supposed to meet Don at 11am at aljunied before he went back to Grace Heaven.
But he slept until 3pm than he call me.
While i was waiting for Don,I went to meet Esther at Tamp.
Than went to meet Sandra&Phung at his house.
On my way to Phung's house. I meet Don at my house downstair.
Than we went to Phung's house.
When I reach Phung's house, I go down accompany Don eat.
Than went to buy cottonbutt for Sandra. LOL
After that Don follow me back to Phung's house than he go back le. ):
WeeKok& his Girlfriend came.
Than WeeKok was hungry.
And called for Mac. Everyone has one! WOOOOOs..hhaha
While waiting, we were playing Mahjong! Haha! I won 10 bucks! ;x
Sandra's ah ma called to ask her go eat dinner. LOL.
She forgot she had dinner than she go call MAC.
Than Esther,Sandra& I went to Ah ma house & eat. But I never eat lah. I drink water only. (:
After that went back to Phung's how & Esther went back to AG le. She so cuteeee. Haha
Than we went to East Coast awhile play games. haha.
Play awhile jiu go home le.
Than Leon come meet us,because he was at East Coast just now.
So we chit chat awhile loh. (:
Than everybody go home le!


Posted @ [10:35 PM]


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